Steve Logue

Steve Logue

Steve Logue

CEO | Virgin Mobile México

In the last 7 years, I´ve been working with a group of talented entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson, to launch and operate Virgin Mobile Latin America. We have built the leading digital wireless service provider and most successful MVNO in Latin America with 3M customers and $120M in revenue, from zero.

We believe in speed to market, doing more with less, focusing only on what really matters and of course, challenging the status quo. We are not professional corporate managers that push papers, fear lawyers and aspire to political correctness. Our corporate culture fosters creativity and loyalty and is naturally diverse.

Virgin competes via innovative, data-centric products for the younger and “anti-establishment” demographic, digital leadership, a unique consumer experience and irreverent marketing campaigns taking advantage of one of the world´s most admired brands.

Previously, I worked for large wireless service providers and a handset supplier in various global leadership roles…primarily in sales, marketing and finance. I was also a partner in building a successful sports marketing startup that, like Virgin, also challenges the status quo.

I have worked in 30+ countries – for one year or more in nine of them – and speak Spanish, Portuguese and German. This global experience has taught adaptability, resilience and how to handle complexity…and at the same time has reinforced core values that transcend borders.

I´m an Irish citizen with US permanent residence.